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Employment and Benefits Related to Services

Employment and Benefits Related to Services focuses primarily on work incentive programs and the employment rights of persons with disabilities as provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Primary attention is given to workshop presentations and individual consumer meetings for those evaluating a return to the workforce in order that these individuals may better understand both the financial and health impact such a decision may have upon an individual and his/her benefits. Additional services include information about applying for disability and other benefits. ILRCSF also maintains an employment bulletin board with updated job postings, fairs and training opportunities.


On a monthly basis,  ILRCSF holds a Basic Benefits/Work Incentives Workshop. Topics include applying for Social Security, Medi-Cal or other benefits, as well as work incentive issues, such as  the PASS program, and how Social Security benefits and healthcare are affected by returning to work.

  • Basic Benefits – provides an overview of several work incentive programs, as well as information about benefit programs (upon request)
  • Returning to Work for People Receiving SSDI or a combination of SSDI & SSI – provides greater detail about work incentives/rules for people receiving SSDI benefits (includes the impact of work on medical and cash benefits)
Please call ILRCSF’s main number to find out more about our workshop schedule, and to reserve a spot. People who arrive after 10:00am will not be admitted and will need to come to another workshop.
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