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San Francisco is home to 150,000 consumers with disabilities. It’s also home to a thriving small business community.

If you’re a business owner, ILRCSF can provide you with information and resources about your responsibilities regarding accessibility to all consumers. We can also tell you how becoming more disability-friendly is good for business.

If you’re a consumer with a disability, ILRCSF can provide you with information about your rights to accessibility in the marketplace. We can also provide you with some tools to advocate for a more disability-friendly business community.


Hector holding his grand child

Hector’s Story

Now that he’s retired from a long career in commercial photography, Hector has time to pursue his great loves: he works out every morning, spends lots of time with his grandchildren, and is renovating a house he and his wife recently bought. Hector is one of 150,000 people in San Francisco with a disability. When buying hardware and building supplies, Hector always shops at stores where he can easily get around and check out the merchandiser. 

  • Accessibility of good for business
  • Accessibility is good for seniors
  • Accessibility is good for everyone