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About Us


Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco (ILRCSF) is a disability rights advocacy and support organization. Our mission is to ensure that people with disabilities are full social and economic partners, within their families and within a fully accessible community. ILRCSF’s mission is achieved by systems change, community education, partnerships with business, community organizations and government, and consumer directed services. We work to empower individuals and community, so that all people with disabilities have as full, productive and independent lives as they so choose.

ILRCSF provides three types of services to the disability community: information, support, and advocacy. ILRCSF programs and services include, but are not limited to Information & Referral, Assistive Technology education and support, Healthcare Access, Peer Support, System Change Advocacy, Housing Information and Support, Economic Empowerment,  Transition support services from Institutional Living,  Self Advocacy Training, and Legal Services.

We welcome people with any type of disability, and are welcoming to individuals of any age, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We invite you to reach out to us, find out more about what we have to offer, and discover how you can get involved in our efforts to build a more accessible community. We celebrate diversity, encourage empowerment and promote equal access for everyone. We view this work not as a task but a gift, one we are happy to share with all who see value in our beliefs and commitment to empowerment for all.

Our Mission

The Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco’s (ILRCSF) Mission is to ensure that people with disabilities are full social and economic partners, both within their families and in a fully accessible community.

Core Values

  • Choice: the right of individuals and families to make informed decisions about their own lives.
  • Persons with disabilities are experts on their own needs.
  • Consumer leadership creates an accessible community.
  • Full access to and inclusion in the community for all people with disabilities means the same range of choices as the general community.
  • Universal usability means that services, housing and consumer products are designed to be used by all members of the community.