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Workshops and Groups

ILRCSF offers workshops and support groups to consumers, other service providers, and professional organizations. Topics include:

ILRCSF is wheelchair accessible and provides reasonable accommodations on request, including ASL interpreters and print information in alternative formats. ILRCSF is a scent-free office in order to be fully accessible to all people with disabilities. Please do not wear any scented products including perfumes, aftershave, hairspray, etc. to any meetings, groups, or workshops held at or by ILRCSF.

You can register for all workshops using our online signup form. Please call 415.543.6222 for more information or to request a workshop presentation for your organization.

Basic Benefits/Work Incentives Workshop

Every Thursday at 9:30 am, with the exception of the first Thursday of the month, we will hold a “drop-in” Basic Benefits/Work Incentives Workshop. Topics include applying for Social Security, Medi-Cal or other benefits, as well as work incentive issues,  such as the PASS program, and how Social Security benefits and healthcare are affected by returning to work.

  • Basic Benefits – provides overview of several work incentive programs, as well as information about benefit programs (upon request)
  • Returning to Work for People Receiving SSDI or a combination of SSDI & SSI – provides greater detail about work incentives/rules for people receiving SSDI benefits (includes the impact of work on medical and cash benefits)

People who arrive after 10:00am will not be admitted and will need to come to another workshop.

Learn more about the Basic Benefits Workshops.

Economic Empowerment Workshops

On the first Thursday of every month, ILRCSF will run an Economic Empowerment workshop. These workshops give you the opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge of other ways to make money. Topics are chosen by consumers, and a guest speaker from an outside agency typically facilitates the workshop. Examples of topics include starting your own business, credit, budgeting, and resume-writing. If you have an idea for a future workshop, fill out our suggestions form, or use the suggestion box in our lobby.

Learn more about the Economic Empowerment Workshops.

Assistive Technology

Periodic workshops are held for individuals and groups living in the community, as well as people who are transitioning from institutional settings.  Workshops introduce and illustrate the importance of AT in successful independent living.  Check this page soon for information about upcoming AT workshops.

Housing Workshops

Housing Workshops cover laws that are applicable to tenants with disabilities, types of low-income housing and their eligibility criteria, and resources for conducting a housing search. All Housing Workshops are on Mondays at 1:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. Pre-registration is required. Register.

People who arrive late (after 1:30pm) will not be admitted and will need to reschedule.

The Veterans Art Guild Support Group

The Veterans Art Guild gives members a place to express themselves, as well as an opportunity to advocate for and build community through a variety of creative endeavors, including writing, photography, painting, film, video, and self-directed peer support.  Other veterans self directed offerings include Vet to Vet meetings, veteran initiated seminars, classes and workshops, which are supported by VA and/or community volunteers. We strongly believe that no veteran should stand alone.

Upcoming Support Groups

We don't have any scheduled events right now, please check back.