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    HMO Member Rights

    You have the following rights:

    • To be treated with courtesy and respect
    • To get health care without having to wait too long
    • To get an appointment when you need one
    • To get care from qualified Medical staff
    • To see a specialist when you need to
    • To choose a doctor you trust (and change doctors)
    • To understand your health problem and the risks and benefits of treatments
    • To get a second opinion about a health problem
    • To choose or refuse treatment
    • To know how your health plan works
    • To appeal a decision your HMO made about your care
    • To see and get a copy of your health care records

    As a person with a disability, you have the right to:

    • Have most physical barriers removed that make it hard for you to use your health care services
    • Extra time for visits if you need it
    • A sign language interpreter if you need one – free of charge
    • Health information in a format you can use if you are blind or have low vision, or another disability that impacts your ability to utilize written materials
    • Special medical equipment, like an exam table or a scale that works for you if you use a wheelchair
    • Take your service animal into exam rooms with you (as appropriate- e.g. operating room wouldn’t work)

    How Can ILRCSF help you? We can help to clarify your rights, and assist/support you through the process of asserting them with your HMO.

    This information is also available in: Chinese Traditional, Spanish