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    As a courtesy, ILRCSF posts job openings on behalf of our community partners.  For more information about the vacancies listed below, do not contact ILRCSF.  Instead, please contact the employers, directly.

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    Golden Gate Regional Center

    (San Francisco)



    SALARY RANGE (Depending on Experience):

    Clients’ Rights Advocate 1: $52,231-$69,995

    Clients’ Rights Advocate 2: $57,585-$77,169




    Each Clients’ Rights Advocate (CRA) position will be located at or near an office of each regional center. The Clients’ Rights Advocate positions are funded under the DDS contract. The CRA works under the direction of the Supervising Clients’ Rights Advocate.




    1. Ensures that the rights of people with developmental disabilities as provided in law and regulation are enforced. This includes but is not limited to the laws and regulations found in Welfare and Institutions Code and California Code of Regulations.
    1. Provides information and training to assist residential and health providers in understanding their Title 17 responsibilities regarding posting and notification of rights.
    1. Advises the Regional Center Executive Director on the development and implementation of the Center’s clients’ rights assurance program pursuant to Title 17.
    1. Investigates and facilitates resolution of all complaints of violation, withholding or denial of rights made by or on behalf of clients. Prepares reports on findings and makes recommendations for resolution to appropriate parties.

    Directly assists and/or represents clients/families or provides technical advice to client representatives in administrative actions relating to eligibility for and provision of services from public benefit programs (e.g. Social Security, 

    1. Special Education, Regional Center, Dept. of Social Services, County Mental Health, and the State Department of Rehabilitation.)
    1. Provides referrals on a rotating basis to legal agencies and/or attorneys who can assist consumers and family members in enforcing their legal rights that have been violated.
    1. Develops and conducts outreach, education, and training for regional center clients and their families, community groups and others in clients’ rights advocacy.
    1. Aids in the development and implementation of regional center policies and procedures related to client rights to ensure compliance with federal and state laws.


    1. Responsible for the oversight of the Assistant Clients’ Rights Advocate.
    1. Carries out other such duties as may from time to time be required.

    Learn more about us at www.disabilityrightsca.org

    Applications should be received by March 22, 2017 to be considered for the first round of interviews.

    DRC offers competitive salaries and a generous benefit package! To view the detailed job description and complete the application process visit www.disabilityrightsca.org/jobs/jobs.htm