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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to the materials, equipment, tools, objects and devices and strategies that allow individuals to live with greater independence.

The words themselves may sound complex, but assistive technology can be as simple as Velcro fasteners on a pair of shoes or shirt. AT can be designed by a manufacturer to meet a specific need, or be an everyday item that is used creatively. It includes everything in the spectrum from a sticky-note to specific types of computer software.

We like to think of AT as Tools for Living – enhancing the freedom, functionality, and ability of people to live independently. The purpose of the AT program is to provide consumers with as much information as possible about AT products. We empower consumers to advocate for themselves so that  they can find and obtain  the AT solutions that might work for them. 


Periodic workshops are held for individuals and groups living in the community,  as well as people who are transitioning from institutional settings.  Workshops introduce and illustrate the importance of AT in successful independent living.  Learn more  about upcoming AT workshops.

If you know of a group of people with disabilities who are interested in assistive technology, please contact us, and we can discuss the possibility of setting up a presentation.

The Device Lending Library

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and there are new items on the market every day – items that can be useful to people with disabilities. It can make living in the community more accessible. Finding the technology that works best for you can take some time, though.

With support from the Department of Rehabilitation, and as part of the Assistive Technology Network/ Ability Tools, ILRCSF’s Device Lending Library (DLL) offers people with disabilities the chance to come in, try out the latest technology, and even bring it home for a test run. ILRCSF has a wide variety of devices available to borrow, from iPads to laptops to One Touch Can Openers and Pocket Assistive Listening Devices. Check out our inventory online at

To learn more about our AT Device Lending Library program, please email Marisol Ferrante , or call our main office at 415-543-6222.

A woman in a wheelchair and a little girl playing by the water.

Dela uses a special beach-accessible wheelchair so that she can have fun with her daughter by the ocean.

The AT Network

ILRCSF a member of The AT Network, a statewide nonprofit organization and project of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers.  ILRCSF has also produced numerous publications as resources for those seeking greater knowledge of AT options. The Network also serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding AT legislation and provides a means of data sharing amongst service providers working in California’s Independent Living Centers.

The Network can be reached at 800.390.2699 or 800.900.0706 (TTY).