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ILRCSF has a rich history of engaging the disability community in advocacy, political action and the democratic process. One of our greatest strengths has been that ILRCSF is a peer-run organization. We consider it an integral part of our mission to impart on the people we work with this same sense of pride –in the disability community, in the disability rights movement, and in themselves and their own accomplishments.

Peer-Run Youth with Disabilities Empowerment (PRYDE) is aimed at youth ages 15-24 who want to come together, learn, socialize, advocate and support one another. The aim of PRYDE is to provide youth with disabilities with mentorship and a sense of empowerment, encourage them to become active participants in the disability rights movement, and to help prepare them for a future of independent living.

At the present time, ILRCSF is evaluating how best to provide support, advocacy and recreational events to youth, and PRYDE is taking a respite. Please check back about any youth-specific events or programs.