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Safe Streets

Photo taken from a distance showing several blocks of Castro Street traffic

Street safety is about a lot more than just paying attention to traffic lights. With support from the SF Department of Public Health, ILRCSF is working to help seniors and people with disabilities not only navigate the streets more safely, themselves, but became more active in the overall movement to make San Francisco streets safer for EVERYONE. San Francisco gov’t wants everyone to take a role in street safety, not just in how they walk, drive or ride their bikes, but in recognizing and addressing hazards, and advocating for positive change.

As part of this effort, ILRCSF is:

  • Hosting Street Safety and Empowerment workshops
  • Training consumers on how to advocate for safer streets on a systemic level
  • Helping consumers use assistive technology as a means of improving their experience navigating the City streets
  • Providing consumers with street safety equipment
  • Developing and distributing resources for drivers and cyclists, outlining some of the issues of greatest importance to pedestrians with disabilities
  • Using consumer feedback to draft a policy document to be submitted to SF City government

Downloadable Resources:

SF Street Safety Links:

Vision Zero SF is the City’s road safety policy that will build safety and livability into our streets, protecting the one million people who move about the City every day.

Since 1998, Walk San Francisco has been San Francisco’s only pedestrian advocacy organization fighting for more than 837,000 residents, 162,000 weekday commuters, and 16.5 million visitors annually, who walk in the city. Through smart, targeted advocacy, Walk SF and its members, are improving city streets and neighborhoods and making San Francisco a more livable, walkable city by reclaiming streets as safe, shared public space for everyone to enjoy.

For over 40 years, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Their maps and route guides are valuable resources for anyone in San Francisco.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency posts planned alerts, updates on schedule delays, includes an online MUNI trip planner, and has tons of valuable information.

Kidpower is an organization that provides training and produces resources focusing on helping people of all ages develop skills for lifelong safety and confidence. Their safety tip sheets, addressing different age groups, are terrific.

To report pot holes, broken traffic lights, or any other hazards, and to find out how to apply for construction permits or color coding on curbs, SF’s 311 telephone hotline and website is an incredibly useful resource for consumers.