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Effective May 1st, Denti-Cal Announces Restoration of Some Adult Dental Services

On June 27, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 82 (AB 82) which restores some adult dental benefits to the Denti-Cal program. Beginning May 1, 2014, the following benefits will be restored to beneficiaries age 21 and older:

  • Initial examinations, radiographs/photographic images, prophylaxis, and fluoride treatments.
  • Amalgam and composite restorations.
  • Prefabricated stainless steel, resin, and resin window crowns.
  • Anterior root canal therapy.
  • Complete dentures, including immediate dentures.
  • Complete denture adjustments, repairs, and relines.

For more information, read the attached bulletin. Denti-Cal

  • Exciting News for People Who Receive CalFresh (Food Stamps): You Can Get Free Health Coverage From Medi-Cal!

    Current recipients of California’s CalFresh (Food Stamps) program will soon be able to get Medi-Cal through a streamlined enrollment process, using information that they have already provided.  CalFresh recipients should be on the lookout this month for a letter from The California Department of Health Care Services that will provide more information on how to easily enroll to receive Medi-Cal services.

    Mailing Lists

    Online mailing lists are a great way to generate dialog. Subscribe to Berkeley-disabled, an active mailing list where people with disabilities can discuss various topics.

    Check out ADAPT-Cal, an open forum for people with and without disabilities to discuss disability-related issues.


    In 2012, the Disability Organizing Network is moving into the social networking world with the launch of this DOnetwork website, and we are focusing on organizing local initiatives statewide. We are building local action teams to support the implementation of Olmstead through increasing access to accessible, affordable integrated housing, increasing access to accessible and affordable transportation options, promoting the inclusion of Disability History in California Schools, increasing awareness of about the frequency and impact of bullying on youth with disabilities, increasing civic participation through non-partisan voter education, voter registration and get out the vote activities.


    Focus of the DoNetwork

    The Disability Organizing Network focuses on five areas:

    • Community Organizing
    • Voter Education
    • Olmstead
    • Housing & Transportation
    • Schools
    Community Organizing

    The Disability Organizing Network is working to include people with disabilities in the discussions that impact their lives. The Independent Living Movement is organizing and growing, reminding the world: “Nothing about US without US!” An organized community resembles the people who make it up. It starts small and grows, developing the talents and skills of its members. The Disability Organizing Network works to grow the disability community to be recognized amongst decision makers in California.

    Please join DOnetwork to build a larger and more effective Independent Living Movement in your community by clicking here to contact your local Disability Organizing Advocate.

    For more information about the DONetwork, and to get involved in local policy and legislative activities within the city and county of San Francisco, contact Peter Mendoza, ILRCSF’s Community Organizer at (415) 543-6222 ext. 106 TTY (415) 543-6698, or email

    Here’s A Great Link For The San Francisco Mayor’s Disability Council And The Mayor’s Office On Disability

    The Mayor’s Disability Council, staffed by the Mayor’s Office on Disability, was re-organized by the Mayor in October, 1998, to provide a better vehicle for public input.

    The Mission of the Mayor’s Disability Council is to:

    • Advise the Mayor of San Francisco on disability issues
    • Work with the Mayor’s Office on Disability to ensure ADA Compliance
    • Provide a public forum to discuss disability issues.

    Click on or copy the following link into your browser to visit the Mayor’s Office On Disability.

    Public Notices & Meetings For The Mayor’s Disability Council Including Standing Committees Of The Mayor’s Disability Council

    Click on or copy the following link into your browser to visit the Public Notices & Meetings for the Mayor’s Disability Council page.

    Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) 2013 Meeting Dates

    The Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) is an advisory body for riders, service providers, social service agency representatives and others to provide input into the Paratransit program. The Executive Committee of the PCC meets regularly to discuss and provide input to the Municipal Railway on Paratransit Services. To become involved, call Muni Accessible Services at 701-4485, TTY 701-4730.

    Click on or copy the following link into your browser to visit the PCC Executive Committee and PC&O 2013 meeting dates page

    SFMTA- Multimodal Accessibility Advisory Committee

    The Multimodal Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC) is a group of 21 seniors and customers with disabilities who regularly use SFMTA services and provide input on accessibility-related projects, and is dedicated to maintaining, improving, and expanding the accessibility of San Francisco’s streets and public transportation system.

    Click on or copy the following link into your browser for  SFMTA MAAC general meetings, including subcommittee meetings.