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    The Move: A Splash of Color

    I've just scheduled with our IT contractors to finish the set-up at our new home at 825 Howard Street, well in advance, so that we're ready to do business on our move-in date in July.  Construction is going full speed ahead - actually a little ahead of schedule -  and the Oakstone crew are doing a tremendous job.  The last time I visited the site, all the framing for the walls was set up, and the … [Read more...]


    Did someone say "walls"? Because ILRCSF's new home is getting them. Here are some photos of  the progress at the construction site of what will very soon be San Francisco's ground-floor, purpose-built Independent Living Resource and Community Center. We may have to add another "C" to our acronym, because ILRCSF's new home has been planned and designed to truly be a community center. Even the … [Read more...]

    The Move: Moving Right Along

    So many consumers, friends, and colleagues have shown their support for ILRCSF's planned move to a purpose-built, ground floor, completely accessible  new home, that we want to make sure you all have an opportunity to see exactly where your support has gone. These are the most recent photos of the construction site at 825 Howard street, which will be ILRCSF's new home, starting in … [Read more...]