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    WWDC 2016 Accessibility Highlights

    Apple’s worldwide developer conference, held each June in San Francisco, provides a preview of what we can expect in upcoming software updates for iOS, watchOS, and macOS platforms. Apple has long been known for their inclusive product design and accessibility features, and this year’s keynote did not disappoint. Read on to find out what good things are coming for Apple consumers with … [Read more...]

    Pilot Program for SF Paratransit Consumers- Volunteers Needed

    The following came to us from SFMTA. We urge anyone who is qualified and interested to pursue this opportunity. It's vital that people with disabilities who use SF Paratransit be the ones to test this out, and have meaningful input regarding any changes or enhancements that need to be made: For some time now and particularly at the past few PCC meetings, we have discussed two new projects that … [Read more...]

    Can Artificial Intelligence And an iPhone Camera Become a Useful Assistive Technology?

    This morning, the eagerly anticipated AiPoly app was made available in the iOS app store. This app uses artificial intelligence to identify objects through the iPhone’s camera. While several object recognition services exist already, AiPoly uses a live video stream to capture data, and processes images on the phone itself, rather than sending data to a web based service. This means that object … [Read more...]

    An Up And Coming Tech Gadget with Big Assistive Technology Potential

    ILRC’s assistive Technology department includes our Nick Feldman Device Lending Library where you can try out existing assistive technologies to find out if they fit your lifestyle. Additionally, we keep pace with developments in the tech world that have the potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Here is one example of an upcoming product we’re eagerly watching for its … [Read more...]

    Action Alert: Help Protect Access to Complex Rehabilitation Technology

    Background: Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) includes the complex and individually configured wheelchairs and equipment used by people with paralysis and other mobility impairments. Unfortunately, CRT is provided under the Durable Medical Equipment benefit in Medicare. This has historically created problems, including rules that the equipment could only be useful “in the home,” and that CRT … [Read more...]

    Invitation to participate in a research study

    The Paciello Group, a digital accessibility research consultancy, is hosting a research study during the period of Monday 24th August to Thursday 27th August, at the Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco. Participants will receive a $150 compensation.   We’re looking for participants from the following groups: * People who are blind and use screen reader software; * … [Read more...]

    Assistive Technology Video Competition

    Our friends at Ability Tools (formerly The Assistive Technology Network) have launched a competition of videos that feature all types of Assistive Technology, used in a variety of ways to increase access and level the playing field for people with disabilities. The best part of this competition is that YOU get to vote on your favorites. Here's where it gets fun....watch the entries and vote for … [Read more...]

    A Message from Executive Director Jessie Lorenz

    Many of you remember Derek Zarda who served as ILRCSF's Assistive Technology Educator until December 2014 when he decided to move to Taiwan to be with the love of his life, Sydney. It pains me to have to report that Derek died an untimely death last week and we are all in a state of mourning at this time.   Derek was so young and so full of life and as he was such an important part of … [Read more...]

    ILRCSF Goes Global

    Over the years, ILRCSF has hosted visiting disability advocates from all over the world:  New Zealand, Taiwan, Scotland, Malaysia, The Netherlands.... Yesterday, we were honored to host a group of delegates from The Ministry of Health and Welfare - The Republic of Korea (South Korea.)  Of the 15 delegates - all experts in various fields relating to disability -  only a few spoke or understood … [Read more...]

    Live Commentary on Access for Upcoming Apple Event

    Rumor has it that Apple will be hosting a product release on September 9 at 10am (PT) at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino. If this happens, ILRCSF will be pleased to offer accessibility-related commentary on Apple’s latest products. This event will be hosted in collaboration with Serotek, and will be live-captioned. Please feel free to join us online to listen in and read our … [Read more...]