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    San Francisco Women Against Rape & Sins Invalid offer: We Belong to Ourselves

    We Belong to Ourselves is a support group for all women and femme-of-center* with disabilities who are survivors of sexual violence.

    This group will offer survivors with disabilities a supportive place to share our experiences, listen to the experiences of other survivors, and use our strength as disabled people to empower our healing process.

    We welcome women and femmes / femme-of-center* who identify as disabled or sick/chronically ill and/or D/deaf who have survived sexual violations (including incest/childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, & other forms of sexual assault) to inquire about the group. ASL Translation will be provided.

    The support group is

    + Free & Confidential

    + Access supported

    + Nine (9) weeks long                  

    + Beginning Thursday, Oct 19, 2017

    For more information or to schedule an intake, please contact

    Dolores Tejada at dolorestejada@sfwar.org

    or leave a message at 415.861.2024 ext.317

     people of color are encouraged to apply.

    * We understand “femme-of-center” to include people who do not identify as female/male but identify as feminine

    * SFWAR is committed to ensuring that participants have what they need to participate. The group will meet in person; participation through online videoconference is also possible.  No cost childcare can also be arranged.

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