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    Technology Matters – In Memory of Nick Feldman

    Nick Feldman was a good friend to ILRCSF, and to the disability community, as a whole. ILRCSF’s Nick Feldman Device Lending Library is more than just named in his honor. It stands for his ideals regarding technology and independent living and, through it, ILRCSF is able to carry out the work of helping people with disabilities access the tools they need to do the things they want to do, and live the lives they want to live.

    Today, September 8th,  would have been Nick Feldman’s birthday. We asked Julie Feldman – a member of ILRCSF’s Executive Board, a long-time supporter of ILRCSF and other disability-related organizations, and Nick’s mom – to write a few words about Nick, and about what technology meant to him. Happy birthday, Nick – thanks for all you gave us. 

    Technology matters.  Particularly if you are a person with a disability who strives for independence.


    Nobody took more advantage of the most current technology than Nick. With an unending appetite to research and test out the latest technology, Nick was a pioneer in voice recognition, touch screen computers, and a wide range of technological tools. These tools not only supported him as a fully independent adult, but also helped him make significant contributions to the community, and help others find their own independent lives.

    Nick was a visionary and an entrepreneur who put his talents to work for positive change in an area he held close to his heart: independent, self-directed living. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he founded Dare to Dream Attendant Services, a successful business and resource in supporting independence in the Bay Area disability community.

    Nick confidently believed that future technology would bring solutions.  He embraced this technology, himself – always eager to learn about the latest innovations, and try them out, first hand. He encouraged others to be bold and do the same. When it came to technology and accessibility, Nick acknowledged that progress could be slow, and was often measured in baby steps; but there was progress. He saw this, and he saw it as a reason for people with disabilities of all kinds to be optimistic about technology’s potential as a tool for gaining maximum independence.
    The Nick Feldman Lending Library is an extension of his dream to make technology available as an important tool for independence.

    Julie Feldman, September 8, 2016

    All donations made to ILRCSF marked “Nick Feldman Device Lending Library” are specifically used to support this program.

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