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    Pilot Program for SF Paratransit Consumers- Volunteers Needed

    The following came to us from SFMTA. We urge anyone who is qualified and interested to pursue this opportunity. It’s vital that people with disabilities who use SF Paratransit be the ones to test this out, and have meaningful input regarding any changes or enhancements that need to be made:

    For some time now and particularly at the past few PCC meetings, we have discussed two new projects that will provide improved service to our SF Paratransit taxi customers. These two projects will lead to better end-user service, provide more information, and improve communication and payment processing between riders and taxi companies. We are looking for SF Paratransit riders who are interested in participating in a pilot of these two projects. Participation will allow SF Paratransit and its vendors to correct errors and test consumer usability before we make it available to the public. Pilot participants must have certain devices as described below to participate in the pilot testing and to utilize these enhancements after the pilot testing is complete.  Below is a brief description for both of these projects:


    1. Flywheel debit card integration pilot

    SF Paratransit is partnering with Flywheel, a mobile application company, to pilot utilizing their existing mobile application to allow SF Paratransit riders to not only electronically hail a taxi but also pay for their taxi trip through their smartphone. A rider’s SF Paratransit debit card will be added as a form of payment on the Flywheel mobile application, allowing riders to pay for their taxi trip using their smartphone. A feature of this enhancement will allow riders who use wheelchair  to filter for available ramp taxis, allowing their map to only display wheelchair accessible vehicles that are available, when electronically hailing a taxi using the application. To participate in this pilot, individuals must have a SF Paratransit taxi debit card, smartphone (either Apple iPhone using IOS or an android) with a data service plan.


    1. DCCS Patron Portal pilot

    SF Paratransit is looking to improve the availability of debit card transaction information and expand the available methods to purchase their monthly debit card allotment by allowing you to purchase value via the Internet.  In addition, users will also be able to track their trip history, check on their next purchase date and verify their current debit card balance at any time. In addition, if you have a taxi debit card for another SF Paratransit program, such as Shop-a-Round, you can also make payments and check trip history and balances as well. To participate in this pilot, individuals must have  an active SF Paratransit taxi debit card and access to a personal computer with Internet access.


    If you are interested in participating in either pilots (or both), please contact Kent Hinton at 415.351.7060, or at kent.hinton@transdev.com by March 25, 2016. Prior to the launch of the pilot, you may be requested to attend an orientation session to learn about the project and ask any questions.

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