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    Volunteer Advocate Opportunity with ILRCSF

    Volunteer Advocate Position Description 

    ILRCSF is seeking a Volunteer Advocate to attend Paratransit Coordinating Council ( PCC)meetings on behalf of ILRCSF. This is a chance to learn advocacy skills and help make ParaTransit more accessible.
    The PCC is an advisory body for riders, service providers, social service agency representatives and others to provide input into the Paratransit program. The Executive Committee of the PCC meets regularly to discuss and provide input to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on Paratransit Services.
    Volunteer duties include
    1. Attend all PCC Executive Committee meetings , roughly 2 hours a month
    2. Submit notes of meetings to Community Organizer.
    3. Attend in person or phone meetings with Community Organizer as needed.

    Minimum qualifications
    1. Successful candidate MUST be a Paratransit user.
    2. Be willing to attend all PCC Executive Committee meetings .
    If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Fiona Hinze at fiona@ilrcsf.org or 415-543-6222 Ext 1106.


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