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    ILRCSF Adds Legal Services to Our Disability Advocacy Toolbelt

    For a long time, now, we at ILRCSF have had a desire to offer on-site legal services to people with disabilities. Many consumers come to us with questions and circumstances – mostly having to do with benefits – that require the services of an attorney. Over the years, we’ve provided such consumers with a list of lawyers they could contact. This often means that we never find out how consumers fair in the long run. We also worry that some consumers never follow up for fear of having to deal with a whole new set of people. Now, thanks to generous funding from the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS), many adults with disabilities under the age of 55 will qualify for legal support form our newly-hired in-house attorney,  Ms. Jessie Sandoval, Esq.

    Jessie comes to us with a wealth of experience in disability law, specifically in the area of benefits and entitlements. The legal issues our Staff Attorney can provide assistance with include:

    • Social Security (SSDI/SSI) Appeals / Administrative Hearings
    • Social Security (SSDI/SSI) Overpayments and Resource Issues
    • CAPI Appeals / Administrative Hearings
    • Access problems at public businesses in San Francisco
    • Reasonable Accommodation Complaints
    • Drafting Advanced Healthcare Directives

    Not only is ILRCSF now able to offer specialized legal services on-site, but we offer them FREE OF CHARGE TO THE CONSUMER.

    If you are an adult with a disability under the age of 55, and have a legal issue to resolve, please contact Staff Attorney Jessie Sandoval at JSandoval@ilrcsf.org or via telephone at 415-543-6222 for an appointment.

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