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    Assistive Technology Video Competition

    Our friends at Ability Tools (formerly The Assistive Technology Network) have launched a competition of videos that feature all types of Assistive Technology, used in a variety of ways to increase access and level the playing field for people with disabilities. The best part of this competition is that YOU get to vote on your favorites. Here’s where it gets fun….watch the entries and vote for the video that you think does the best job of showing AT and its benefits to people with disabilities. You can vote once a day, up until April 29th. There are cash prizes for the winners. More important, though, is the fact that these short films – which were all made by real people who use AT in their everyday lives – will get out in the world and introduce AT to people who have no idea how technological advances are making this world a more accessible place for ALL of us.

    So……watch, vote, and pass this link along.

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