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    Global picnic for folks with TBI on June 30.

    A message from Anaperla Aureoles:

    I wanted to send you this information concerning the global picnic being held on June 30. Around the world! On the same day: The place and time is noted below. We will have our very first picnic, held in San Francisco for people with brain injury. Please bring a friend, family member and even your Service dog with you!

     Where:  Francis of Assisi. The address is 145 Guerrero Street. San Francisco, CA

    The time is: 11 to 2pm. It is a Saturday!

    It maybe  a pot luck! so please bring food to share if you wish! We need to know who is able to come. Please call me at 415-584-0581 and or email me at anaperlaaureoles@yahoo.com All so you can find more information on facebook.

    The Community Living Campaign is sponsoring us. Please go to there site and look under events for more information. Marie Jobling is the founder and director.

    Thank you and hope to see you there.

    Anaperla Aureoles and Service dog. Manish.

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