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    Upcoming Muni Fare Changes: January 1, 2017

    The SFMTA will be implementing fare changes on January 1, 2017 as approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors in this fiscal year’s budget). Our existing reduced fare programs, including the Lifeline pass and Free Muni for eligible low- and moderate-income youth, seniors and persons with disabilities remain. As part of Muni fare changes, single-trip Muni fares paid with a Clipper … [Read more...]

    Call To Action: Advocate for Medicare Coverage of Wheelchairs

    The problem: Right now, Medicare is looking to put wheelchairs and other CRT into competitive bidding which just doesn't work when we need very unique and customized chairs. For example, Medicare categorizes all the "accessories" under the same code, even though they're very different. For example, people need very different headrests. Some people just need a basic headrest that allows the to put … [Read more...]

    K-Ingleside and J-Church Temporary Service Changes Starting September 6

    SFMTA is temporarily rerouting the K-Ingleside and J-Church around the Balboa Park Station starting Tuesday, September 6 for approximately four months. Some of the improvements that will be made during the service changes include: Replacing switches and tracks inside the station for long-term maintenance Relocating the three existing poles along the J/K walkway for pedestrian safety … [Read more...]

    Some BART Elevator Closures Due To Improvements

    Riders will soon enjoy improved safety, appearance, and cleanliness on 80 elevators throughout the BART system thanks to the “Elevator Flooring Replacement” project. The project is focused on replacing the existing flooring with a new material, two-part Polyurea epoxy, that will help prevent liquid from getting beneath the floor and causing damage. The improvements will also make the elevators … [Read more...]

    WWDC 2016 Accessibility Highlights

    Apple’s worldwide developer conference, held each June in San Francisco, provides a preview of what we can expect in upcoming software updates for iOS, watchOS, and macOS platforms. Apple has long been known for their inclusive product design and accessibility features, and this year’s keynote did not disappoint. Read on to find out what good things are coming for Apple consumers with … [Read more...]

    Call for Stories: Artists with Disabilities

    The Disability Visibility Project (DVP) is super excited to partner with the  Contemporary Jewish Museum for a listening party and panel discussion focusing on artists with disabilities on Sunday, September 25, 2016, 2 pm, San Francisco, CA. The event is free with advance registration. Check their calendar for event details, how to register, and information about … [Read more...]

    Disability Organization Collecting Stories on Telephone Affordability and Accessibility

    The Center for Accessible Technology(CforAT) is working on a project to keep affordable telecommunications services (landline, wireless and internet) available for people with disabilities in California – and they need your help. Over the next few weeks, they will be collecting stories about how people with disabilities use and pay for telecommunications services, including wire-line phones … [Read more...]

    The Department of Justice Wants Your Feedback about the SF Police Department

      The Department of Justice (DOJ) is coming to San Francisco to hear the community’s experience, concerns, and suggestions about their interactions with the San Francisco Police Department. The experience of people with mental health or other disabilities interacting with the police is a perspective that we need to make sure gets included! Your feedback will help guide DOJ's efforts to … [Read more...]

    Advocacy at the California Building Standards Commission

    The disability community was well represented at the CA Building Standards Commission  meeting  last week. Over sixty people from the community were present in the room to demonstrate our solidarity, strength and determination to not allow our civil rights to be taken away.  About 25 - 30 testified during the two-day meeting. The commission voted against passing two very damaging proposed … [Read more...]

    Super Bowl 2016: What It Means to San Franciscans

    You are probably all aware that on Sunday, February 7th, the Bay Area will host the Super Bowl. While the game, itself, will not be held in San Francisco, the majority of Super Bowl events will, in fact, take place right in Downtown SF. If you live or work in the Powell, Montgomery, or Embarcadero areas, you will almost certainly be aware that some street closures have already gone into effect, as … [Read more...]